Japan Asia Group Limited Review: Tsunami reconstruction

We have been building a better and more resilient future for communities affected by the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami, based on Kokusai Kogyo’s social infrastructure development experience.

Disaster risk reduction

-3D laser surveying (DMC, LP)
-Various simulations, ocean short-wave radar
-Emergency communication systems DRR education
-Slope/dam monitoring/management

3D laser scanning (tunnel)

-Property tax/cadastral surveys
-GIS to manage. waterworks, sewage, road register
-Hazard maps, DRR planning
-Spatial information, surveying data archive sales

Geographic information system (GIS)

Immediate aftermath

-Aerial photography (nadir, oblique), Photo interpretation/analysis
-Detailed tsunami field surveys, CG tsunami simulations – rapid inundation analysis

Aerial photo by Kokusai Kogyo, Rikuzentakata City

-Local survey research
-Local govt. administrative support
-Survey of collapsed/washed away houses

Local survey research

-Detailed disaster surveys, reconstruction planning
-Making maps for reconstruction planning
-Disaster waste surveys, making disposal plans
-Detailed disaster surveys, reconstruction planning

Waste disposal plan

-Survey of collapsed/washed away houses
-Management of house demolishing
-Waste surveys/developing waste disposal plans
-Supporting integration/use/evaluation of administrative data
-Developing/managing geographic information systems (GIS)
-Assisting community consensus building for reconstruction utilizing 3D simulations
-Provision/sale of tsunami simulation/survey/map data

Disaster debris analysis

-Road, bridge, port etc. survey/design
-Liquefaction/slope stabilization countermeasures
-Radiation surveys/decontamination planning
-Survey, design, construction of renewable energy
-Recovery of industry (creating jobs for those affected)

Bridge survey/design

-Urban reconstruction plans (DRR/land use/urban plans)
-Development of basic urban infrastructure (land readjustment/victim relocation projects)
-Administrative support
-Development of integrated databases for reconstruction
-Renewable energy adoption for emergency power backup
-Eco town projects

Eco town

Japan Asia Group Limited Review