Crosby Corp: Staff Augmentation

Crosby Corporation Provides Staffing Solutions to Suit Any Long or Short-Term Business Objective.

We aim to exceed even the highest expectations because we know that your success and our success are one and the same thing. Finding the best and brightest personnel made us an industry leader in staffing services – and we can do the same for your business.

Our staff augmentation services are designed to respond to the sudden, sometimes unexpected changes typical of the modern business world. We specialize in assembling skilled teams capable of managing your project from concept to completion. Our staff selection will be finely tuned to achieve all objectives, meet all deadlines, and never exceed budget. Unlike other staffing agencies, Crosby can provide a dedicated workforce for all types of contract, and most types of job, from CEOs to mailroom employees. And once that workforce is in place, we continue to support them throughout your project, helping you to be as flexible as you need.

Some staffing agencies offer no particular industry expertise short of the research they conduct when trying to win new business. At Crosby, our team is comprised of recruiters with a wide range of on-the-ground experience. Whatever your industry, we can assign the right recruiter for the task, someone who knows precisely what is required at every level of the job. By having this level of in-house expertise, we can ensure that you get the right staff for the right project the first time around.

Our staff augmentation services include:

  • Temporary Resources
  • IT Staffing
  • Corporate Staffing
  • Manufacturing Staffing
  • Logistics Staffing