Japan Asia Group Limited Review: Tsunami reconstruction

We have been building a better and more resilient future for communities affected by the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami, based on Kokusai Kogyo’s social infrastructure development experience.

Disaster risk reduction

-3D laser surveying (DMC, LP)
-Various simulations, ocean short-wave radar
-Emergency communication systems DRR education
-Slope/dam monitoring/management

3D laser scanning (tunnel)

-Property tax/cadastral surveys
-GIS to manage. waterworks, sewage, road register
-Hazard maps, DRR planning
-Spatial information, surveying data archive sales

Geographic information system (GIS)

Immediate aftermath

-Aerial photography (nadir, oblique), Photo interpretation/analysis
-Detailed tsunami field surveys, CG tsunami simulations – rapid inundation analysis

Aerial photo by Kokusai Kogyo, Rikuzentakata City

-Local survey research
-Local govt. administrative support
-Survey of collapsed/washed away houses

Local survey research

-Detailed disaster surveys, reconstruction planning
-Making maps for reconstruction planning
-Disaster waste surveys, making disposal plans
-Detailed disaster surveys, reconstruction planning

Waste disposal plan

-Survey of collapsed/washed away houses
-Management of house demolishing
-Waste surveys/developing waste disposal plans
-Supporting integration/use/evaluation of administrative data
-Developing/managing geographic information systems (GIS)
-Assisting community consensus building for reconstruction utilizing 3D simulations
-Provision/sale of tsunami simulation/survey/map data

Disaster debris analysis

-Road, bridge, port etc. survey/design
-Liquefaction/slope stabilization countermeasures
-Radiation surveys/decontamination planning
-Survey, design, construction of renewable energy
-Recovery of industry (creating jobs for those affected)

Bridge survey/design

-Urban reconstruction plans (DRR/land use/urban plans)
-Development of basic urban infrastructure (land readjustment/victim relocation projects)
-Administrative support
-Development of integrated databases for reconstruction
-Renewable energy adoption for emergency power backup
-Eco town projects

Eco town

Japan Asia Group Limited Review


Car Maintenance Made Essential – Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review

Owning a car requires a complete operating, maintenance and repair knowhow to keep it in tiptop condition. Keeping a car in perfect running condition and within safety standards is vital for its user as well as to other people concerned.

Many of us experienced drivers probably remember the first primary rule in driving a car: Learn how to brake a car before you even learn how to make it move forward or backward. It emphasized the necessity of assuring yourself and others that you are not just a good driver but that your car is also in good running condition.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group is a family-operated company that has ten years of track-record in trading car parts and accessories and providing servicing for automobile owners in the South Coast of Hampshire. Whatever the need is, Tyre&Auto can provide it: tyres, car servicing, brake checks, MOT’s, free seasonal tune-ups and check-ups, and many others. And with online transactions available, they can provide fast tyre quotation to make fitting faster and with less hassle. They also provide local collect and delivery of your car for absolutely care-free and dependable car maintenance and repair at your convenience.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne also provides the same convenient service for an MOT test. This examination will check the safety of your car as well as the amount of exhaust emission. They can assist in your yearly MOT certificate requirement by providing regular reminders when you are due for the test, making sure you can renew your road tax and your car insurance at the right time.

A car is, by and large, a necessary modern convenience as much as it is a tool for pursuing one’s daily business and personal functions. Public transportation may be available; but for those who choose the convenience of owning a car, the ease, mobility and personal comfort of having an automobile at one’s beck and call can be an advantage that deserves an equal amount of investment in terms of proper care and upkeep of a vehicle.

In the end, a car pays for itself not just in terms of comfort and the financial returns it brings to the owner but also in the psychological or emotional benefits it brings for an individual or a family. That, in short, justifies the meticulous concern that conscientious car owners put into keeping their car as good as new and as fit as the day it came out of the showroom.

Tyre&Auto believes in this same principle and strives to keep up to the standards required by their customers in all aspects of automobile maintenance and repair.